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Hello, and welcome!  I’m Michael Elsner, and for years I struggled to get my music out into the world.  I understand how it feels to work so hard, yet still not earn enough to pay the bills.  I know what it's like to question your abilities because any slight form of musical success has been elusive.

That all changed when one of my songs got picked up and placed in a popular TV show.  It was then that I immediately discovered how prosperous music licensing could be.  Now, with over 2000 placements of original music in TV shows, film trailers, and commercials, I’ve accomplished much more than I ever dreamed I would, with licensing my songs being at the heart of it.

Over the last few years I’ve worked with, and mentored, dozens of artists and musicians, each having since gone on to great success.  Through this process, I realized that while there’s a lot of information out there regarding what music licensing is, there is very little regarding HOW to Successfully License Your Music. That’s why Master Music Licensing was born. 

Every Musician Deserves to be Heard!

My desire is to help you create a consistent income stream with your music by showing you HOW to Successfully License Your Music to TV shows, Films, Commercials, Video Games, and other outlets.  I want you to experience not only the incredible satisfaction that comes from having your songs heard by millions of people throughout the world, but the financial benefits of a recurring income stream as well.

Make sure to download the FREE E-bookThe 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success” and check out my BLOG.  It is focused on “intentional success.”  I write about music licensing, publishing, recording, writing music for TV, Film & Commercial outlets, generating a consistent income with your songs, and, on occasion, stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.  I also occasionally write about the resources I am discovering.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can immediately put to work in your professional life.  If you are an artist, songwriter, musician - or aspire to be any of these - then this blog is for you.

I typically post once a week, and will open enrollment to the Master Music Licensing Course on a grand scale only a few times a year.

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 To Your Success!

-Michael Elsner

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