The Power Of Purpose

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Finding Purpose

Every year I choose on a word or phrase that will define that upcoming year. About 10 years ago, that word was PURPOSE. That one word was so impactful, 10 years later I still factor PURPOSE into everything I do in my career.

Defining a purpose for every career-based interaction allowed me to weed out the people who were time-suckers and focus on the people who were opportunity-feeders.


The Time Sucker

A Time-Sucker is someone who is riding our elevator to the proverbial top floor. They’re not really providing anything beneficial as much as they’re just riding our coat-tails. They bring no worthy contacts, administrative, managerial or production abilities. 

Of course they bring some creative elements, but once they put in a few initial hours of time, they disappear while we spend hours and days producing the track, prepping it for delivery, and finally sending it out to our contacts for licensing, or other, opportunities.


The Opportunity Feeder

The Opportunity-Feeder is the complete opposite of the Time Sucker. They’re the ones who are just as driven, who have their own sphere of influence, opportunities, and abilities that they bring to the table. 

Working with an Opportunity Feeder is very much in line with what Napoleon Hill defines as a Mastermind Alliance in his book Think And Grow Rich. In it, he states:

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind – the mastermind.” 

Working with an Opportunity Feeder increases your opportunities for success. Aside from contributing their creativity and talent, they also take on their fair share of the work, whether that be in the form of production, administration, managerial, or promotion.


The Creative’s Conversation

I’m sure the following conversation sounds familiar.  

You:  “How are things going?”

Friend:  “I’m so busy, I don’t have time for anything.”


Busy vs. Productive

“I’m so busy” is a very common response. But the truth is, being busy isn’t good. Being PRODUCTIVE is good. As a matter of fact, being productive is great! Being busy just means that you’re busy.  

Have you ever tried to quantitatively monetize all the time that you spend being 'busy?' And, if so, when you break down all that busy-ness, what is your hourly income from being so busy?  In reality, being busy for the sake of being busy is a tragic misuse of your time. Instead, focus on being productive and working with a purpose.


Just Say No

When I decided my word for the year would be PURPOSE, I knew that I would have to say ‘no’ to a lot of people. From that point forward, everything I did had to have a purpose. Every lunch meeting, writing session, performance, etc. If I couldn’t define the goal, outlet, or what the other individual was bringing to the table, then the answer would simply be “no.”

When I focused on working with a purpose, or saying no and waiting for the next opportunity to cross my path, my productivity increased dramatically. The opportunities that came my way were rewarding both creatively and financially, and my career trajectory changed dramatically.  


Excellence Is A Habit

I once read:

We become what we do repeatedly.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act, it is a habit.” 

These are wise words, but we cannot achieve excellence in our chosen career path unless we have a clearly defined purpose for what we choose to do.  

Create daily activities that allow success then repeat them over and over. Take control over your career. Most importantly, work, write, and create with a purpose.  


Come up with a word or phrase that will define the next year of your career and share it with us in the Comments Section below.  


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