FREE E-BOOK: The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success


Successfully licensing your songs is a MUST if you want to Survive in the Modern Music Industry. This E-book details the 4 Steps Necessary for Licensing Success.

A Proven Strategy to Get Your Music in TV Shows, Films and Commercials!

  • Everything you need to know to Successfully License Your Songs!
  • Stop Wasting your Time and Talent as a struggling musician and get Your Music Heard by Millions of People Worldwide!
  • Write the Music YOU Love, enjoy having Creative Freedom, and earn a Consistent Income! 
  • Author's credits include over 2000 Original Song Placements in TV Shows, Films, Commercials and Movie Trailers.
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Timo Chen

Score Producer: Superstore, Graves

"I wish I had this book 15 or 20 years ago.. well done!  You’ve done a service to many people like myself."

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Michele Zaccone


"This book is overflowing with so much value and information to not only set you up to succeed, but save you time trying to navigate the music licensing business."

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Matt Reviere

Guitarist: Carrie Underwood

"You don’t get 2000 placements by accident, and what makes Michael’s book unique is he wants others to have that same level of success too."

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