Licensing Your Songs to TV While Promoting Your New Album Release

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Question:  “Can I still promote myself and pursue a record deal if I'm also pursuing sync licensing deals?”

Answer:  "Yes!! And you should!!"

The Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make When Licensing Their Songs...

When it comes to sync licensing, the biggest mistake I see independent musicians make, is how they approach promoting their music to music supervisors and music libraries.

The second biggest mistake comes down to the simple fact that musicians often believe they must choose one path over the other when it comes to releasing their songs or album:

  • Sync Licensing
  • Traditional Music Industry

In this video, I lay out both the Sync Licensing and Music Industry paths visually for you, so you can see the exact steps required for success.  You'll also see how each path is not mutually exclusive - meaning, you can pursue both at the same time.

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What are some other mistakes you see musicians make when it comes to getting placements of their songs?  Share with us in the Comments Section below:


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