Inside The ESSENTIAL Master Music Licensing Course
See All the Bonuses
Inside The ESSENTIAL Master Music Licensing Course
See All the Bonuses

ATTENTION: Singer-Songwriters and Independent Musicians......

Get Your Songs Heard by Millions of People Worldwide and Generate a Consistent Income...

When You Start Licensing Your Music to TV Shows, Films, and Commercials Today!

Discover the 4 Step System that removes all the guesswork to getting your music in TV and Film...

The traditional music industry has been on a steady decline for the last 15 years, BUT the opportunities to license your music to TV Shows, Movies, Commercials, Video Games, and Film & Video Game Trailers is at an all-time HIGH!

Why? Because there's never been a time where there's so much demand for content! With over 975 TV Shows in production, there is an OVERWHELMING amount of opportunity for artists, songwriters and musicians to get their music into these shows. We are living in the GOLDEN AGE of Television! 

As independent musicians working in the sync industry:

  • You DON'T have to live in Hollywood - your music will speak for itself!
  • You DON'T need an ‘in’ in the industry - your music will speak for itself!
  • It DOESN'T MATTER how old you are, or what you look like - your music will speak for itself!

While there’s a lot of information out there on what sync-licensing is, and how profitable it can be, there hasn't been a simple ‘step by step’ system that anyone can implement to achieve career-changing results…

...Until now!

Achieving STRATOSPHERIC SUCCESS with YOUR MUSIC  is as simple as learning HOW to implement the steps and strategies required to SUCCESSFULLY LICENSE YOUR SONGS.  

The Truth Is... If You Don't Start Creating a Recurring Royalty Stream Now, You Won't Have Financial Security in the Future!

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You'll Learn Why Generating Song Placements is So Much Easier Than You Ever Thought it Could Be!

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You'll Discover How You Can Have Massive Success, Even if You're Starting with Just a Handful of Songs!

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You'll Master the Various Types of Licenses and Contracts that Must be Signed for Each Placement!


With Sync-Licensing, Your Music Has Value!

Hi, I’m Michael Elsner, and for years I struggled to get my music out into the world.  My songs were turned down by every publisher I met with.  I wrote and produced half a dozen albums, only to get passed over by every major record label.  So I understand first-hand how it feels to chase after your dreams, only to question your abilities, and your future, because any form of musical success has been elusive.

But that all changed when one of my songs was placed in a popular TV show on CBS.  I immediately discovered how prosperous music licensing is for independent musicians! 

Over the last 15+ years, I've perfected a 4 Step Process that virtually Guarantees Sync Placements, because every step of it provides MASSIVE VALUE to those who license your songs.

Now, with well over 2500 placements of original music in TV Shows, Film Trailers, and Commercials, I've been helping hundreds of musicians like you reach their goal of earning a living from their music. Even if you only have a few songs in your catalog, if you can follow simple, step-by-step instructions, I'll show you exactly how to create the life of your dreams by licensing your music to movies and TV!

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The Master Music Licensing 4 Step process will allow you to get your music heard by millions, and generate the consistent song placements that you've been wanting.  Implementing this simple system will save you years of trial and error, and get you on the fast-track to licensing success

Best of all... when you enroll in the Master Music Licensing Course, you get LIFETIME ACCESS!


Learn the Entire Music Licensing Framework from Start to Finish...

  • How to Deliver Mixes that Get Sync'd.
  • How to Embed the Thorough Metadata that Music Supervisors Require.
  • How to Connect with the Music Supervisors who are Looking for Music!
  • How to Fully Understand and Negotiate any Sync Contract & Licensing Deal.

Let your music catalog bring you money while you sleep!

You can get started today by clicking the link below:

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Now!

Part 1:  Quickly Build a Profitable Music Catalog

Regardless of what style of music you write, every song can find a home and a situation that is perfect for placement.  In step one of the 4 step process you're going to perfectly position your music for success!

You'll Learn:

  • How to navigate the avenues available to license your music so that every song you write has an opportunity to generate placements for years to come.
  • All about track lengths, arrangements and writing lyrics that are ideal for Sync Placements.
  • How to leap into action with a newfound sense of confidence, knowing that your music has more opportunity, more value, and more impact on your bottom line... as well as the ability to reach more people worldwide than you ever thought possible!
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Part 2:  Multiply Your Opportunities for TV Placements Each Month

Imagine taking your 10 song CD, and generating 60, 70, or 80 licensable tracks. In Step 2 of this process, you'll see how easy this is, and how to do it with each of your songs in only a matter of minutes! 

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You'll Learn:

  • How to extract all the valuable mixes that exponentially increase your opportunities for consistent placements.
  • How these mixes provide extraordinary value to Music Supervisors and Music Editors.
  • How to separate yourself into the top 1% of music providers, and quickly build a reputation as a "Go-To" Source.

Part 3:  The Golden Ticket to Your Licensing Success

Without thorough metadata, you could have the perfect track for a sync placement, but won't even be a contender.  Mastering Metadata is essential for generating consistent placements, and in Part 3, you're going to learn how to do just that!

You'll Learn:

  • Every little nuance of mastering metadata.
  • The specific metadata that Music Supervisors, Music Editors and Music Libraries require.
  • How to quickly create and embed THOROUGH metadata the moment your recording is completed.
  • How to ensure that your music stands apart from the thousands of other songs competing for the same placement. 
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Part 4:  Securing Your TV & Film Placements!

This part answers the question, "Who do I send my music to?"  Step 4 is all about building relationships and marketing your music to those responsible for licensing your songs.

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You'll Learn:

  • How easy it is to find out who needs your music now, and how to deliver it to them.
  • How to confidently and eagerly connect with those individuals whose job it is to choose and license music.
  • Bulletproof Approach that will allow you to successfully contact and deliver your music to Music Supervisors and Music Libraries!

Part 5:  Getting the Best Sync Deals!

The licensing world works very quickly, and you often won't have weeks to set up appointments with high-priced lawyers to look over your deals.  In part 5 you're going to learn everything you need to know about licensing contracts.

You'll Learn:

  • The different types of Sync Contracts & Payment Structures.
  • The key components to look for in every contract so you can negotiate the best deal for yourself, (and not get screwed)!
  • How to confidently summarize and understand any licensing contract you're offered, without the need for a high-priced lawyer.
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Fast-Track Your Sync Licensing Career Now!

You can get started today by clicking the link below:



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BONUS #1 = Valued at $1497

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When you enroll in the Master Music Licensing Course, you will see that every aspect of getting your music licensed follows a very specific, step by step system. 

In order to make this a simple 'paint by numbers' process for you, and fast-track your path to success, I've included this highly specialized toolkit. 

These are my personal Cheatsheets, Spreadsheets and Scripts that I've only shared with my high end coaching clients. 

The following are included in this toolkit:


We live in a highly mobile world, and this audio gives you the freedom to learn and absorb the course material while you’re on the go.  You don’t have to be stuck at home, in front of your computer. So whether you’re sitting in traffic, or out on a run, you can continue studying and learning every aspect of music licensing.


Step 2 of my 4 Step Process involves creating various alternate mixes, but the question remains, "what mixes should I create?"  The Valuable Content Cheatsheet takes the guesswork out of this because it gives you a list of 21 potential mixes that editors love to have on hand.  It also provides you with a standard naming protocol to use for your catalog of songs.  This is extremely beneficial to you, because it allows you to create consistency when you’re delivering your music.


Metadata is the Golden Ticket to your Licensing Success, and Step 3 of my 4 Step Process is all about including THOROUGH metadata.  With over 750 descriptive terms and phrases, this cheatsheet takes all the guesswork out of inputting your metadata, and will enable you to confidently, and proactively, dive right into the metadata process without concern that you’re missing, or forgetting, anything.

This cheatsheet also ensures that each of your songs are fully described in unique detail.  This is the exact cheatsheet that I’ve used on every song in my catalog over the last 10+ years to generate what now amounts to over 2000 placements.


In order to get your music placed on shows or films, including full, and relevant metadata, is essential.  By filling out this Metadata Spreadsheet, you’re virtually guaranteed that your songs will show up in every relevant search.  So you’re NOT going to miss out on any opportunities to place your music.

This spreadsheet includes 25 columns to describe each track to the fullest extent possible.  That’s too much information to keep track of in your head.  But like the rest of the tools in this toolkit, this spreadsheet takes all the guesswork out of the process.

With this spreadsheet, you’re supplying music supervisors, music editors, and music libraries with the THOROUGH metadata they need to quickly and easily, search, audition, and license your songs!

But most importantly, between the metadata cheatsheet and spreadsheet, this ensures that you haven’t missed anything!


The final step in my 4 Step Sync-Licensing System is all about Securing Your TV Placements.  If you’re wondering “How do I get music supervisors, music editors and music libraries to listen to my songs…” that’s where the Bulletproof E-mail Scripts come in handy.

Sure, we can fully prepare our music, create all of our useful mixes that put smiles on the faces of Music Editors and Re-Recording Mixers… We can include and embed all the Thorough and Relevant Metadata, but if we can’t get them into the right hands, then what’s the point? 

These scripts remove the question of “What do I say?” 

If you’ve been sending out your music, and haven’t been getting responses, you have to remember that those who  license your songs are not working in the music industry.  They work in the TV Industry, Film Industry, Commercial Industry, etc.  They absorb music in an entirely different way than what we’re used to.

These 'fill in the blank' scripts make this a paint by numbers process process, and have the power to completely change the game for you!

BONUS #2 = Valued at $1997

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How many music conferences and seminars have you attended, hoping to gain some insight from sync-licensing professionals?  The opportunity to attend a 1 hour presentation with a sync professional is one of the core reasons why you, and so many other musicians, attend these conferences.  BUT… you end up spending a LOT of money in the process.

Now you can save thousands of dollars that would be spent on admission fees, airfare, hotels, transportation, and food…. And get all of this inspiring, and invaluable insight, from the comfort of your own home!


      • Provide You with a Clear Path to Making Money with Your Music.
      • Save You Thousands of Dollars in Unnecessary Expenses.
      • Save You Years of Trial & Error (and a Mountain of Frustration)!
      • Show You the Strategies Other Sync-Professionals Have Successfully Implemented.
      • Give You the Resources to Fully Transform Your Music Career.

This package consists of interviews, advice and direction from some of the most skilled and experienced industry pros who work every day in the sync world.  Each of these is a mini-course unto itself.

A few of the professionals inside this package include:

→  Grammy Winning Composer Mateo Messina

Mateo has composed for TV Shows and Films such as Juno, Up In the Air, Blockers, Young Adult, Sideswiped, Superstore, the Office, and many others.  He said:

“The Master Music Licensing Course is a game-changer.  So much so that I make sure all my assistants to through it as well!  If you’re serious about your music career, then make this course a priority.”

→  LAB HITS Music Library Owner Joy Basu  

With thousands of placements across the globe, Lab Hits is a music library & publisher with credits that include Keeping Up with the Kardashians,  UFC, MTV, Life of Kylie, and many others. 

When it comes to making a living as an independent artist through licensing your songs, Joy said: 

“(Music Licensing) is a business, where if you do the work, it’s hard NOT to make a living at it.”

→  Grammy Winning, Multi-Platinum Producer Isha Erskine  

Isha has worked with artists including Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, and Jeff Beck as well as films such as The Book of Eli and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Isha is also a successful writer/composer with over 300 Sync Placements of original music.  Isha said: 

"As someone who'd already been licensing music for a few years, I figured the course would be a good refresher. However, I was pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful new eye opening information. Since taking the course, my royalties have increased five fold. I always recommend this course to all my friends and co-writers looking to make money with their music.”

You’ll be learning the specific strategies each of these full-time musicians have implemented to achieve their success, and how you can utilize those strategies in your own career.  Achieving success isn’t just about blindly copying what other successful musicians do… it’s about learning how other successful musicians think!  With this bonus package you will learn just that.  This truly is Real World Insight From the Pros!


  • BONUS #1:  Music Licensing Tooklkit ($1497 Value)

  • BONUS #2:  Real World Insight Package ($1997 Value) 

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Enroll in Master Music Licensing 

And Get Over $3500 Worth of Bonus Material Now!

You can get started today by clicking the link below:


Here's What Others Are Saying About This Course

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Jennifer Lyn K.


"Music licensing is no longer a giant question mark. I have a roadmap to be successful and I plan to implement everything I've learned! This course was super eye-opening! Everything you laid out was very straightforward and easy to follow!"

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Erik E.


"I want to thank you with all my heart for your online class, encouragement and great tips. I just signed a 3 year deal, and I'm really excited! [The president] recently called me, asking for many things, like metadata and alt mixes, which thanks to you, I had ready."

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Rachel F.


"For the first time in years I feel I can finally do what I love... Full Time!  My mind is now full of the knowledge that I was missing for so long.  This course has given me the direction I never thought I would find.  I feel happy, motivated, confident & inspired!"

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Matt R.

(Guitarist - Carrie Underwood)

"The lessons on how to properly approach music supervisors and music libraries are so incredibly valuable! The next time I pitch my music to a music supervisor, I’m going to have these lessons playing in the background."

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Laura M.


"For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a renewed purpose! I was spinning my wheels in the wrong direction for so long. It feels great to actually be moving towards something again... I feel empowered to focus on what I really love!!"

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Adam S.


"The advice and guidance I received from Michael has been life changing for me and resulted in a complete career change. There are times I can't even believe I've made over $100,000 just by implementing what he showed me."


It's Time to Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat of Your Career, Create Music You can be Proud of, and Live a Life You Love!

You can get started by clicking the link below: