How I Landed A SuperBowl Ad

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Although my NY Giants weren’t the ones to beat the Patriots in the 2018 SUPERBOWL, I still feel like a winner and I want to share a success story with you. Not in a way to say, "hey, look at how cool I am," but because it emphasizes an important step that you can start implementing today as you’re building your catalog of music.


Create Valuable Content

If you've read The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success, you already know that the 2nd step involves creating various alternate mixes, versions, stems, etc. This is what I refer to as “Creating Valuable Content,” and it allows you to create 3, 4, 5, or even more, licensable versions from just 1 song. It’s such an easy way to not only add quantity, but also instantly add value to your catalog

Well, taking this one step further with the ‘Epic’ Trailer Music pieces that we release through the SonicTremor catalog, my writing partner and I will often burn what we call “Elements.” These elements can be any short clip of music, or ‘sound design,’ that we created during the production of each track. An element could be as simple as just a reverse cymbal swell (or other instrument) that leads to a Big Sonic Tremor (see what I did there?), or just a big percussive hit over a sustained chord. 

By breaking these out as separate elements when we mix down the track, we end up with multiple stand alone pieces of sound design, that each end up getting their own placements.


Over 100,000,000 People Watched the Superbowl

One of these recent placements was in an ad that aired during the 2018 SUPERBOWL. By following through on the 2nd step of the 4 step plan, we landed the mother of all commercial placements!! 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘I don’t create sound design, so how does this relate to me?’ Well, I don’t specifically create sound design either… In fact, I’d encourage you to listen to the album from which this ‘element’ came: 

Swagger: Trailers With Attitude

These production elements that become sound design can now be licensed, just as our element titled “Riser Boom,” was licensed into this SUPERBOWL ad:

Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan Trailer


You've Already Done All The Work!

If you’ve already done the work, why not benefit from it? Step 2 in The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success provides:

  1. more value to your catalog
  2. more upfront sync fees in your pocket
  3. larger royalty checks in your mailbox
  4. the opportunity to get your work heard by over 100 million people.

How to create profitable valuable content is covered in-depth in the Master Music Licensing Course.  


How else could you create valuable content for the end user?  Share your thoughts with us and comment below...


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