5-Figure Placements in Less than 1 Year

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I LOVE Success Stories!! I find them inspiring because they're a great way to really see what's truly possible and within reach.

I especially LOVE Success Stories from those who've taken the time, and put in the effort, to follow my Licensing System.

In this Live Q&A, you'll meet Max McKee, who in less than a year's time has been able to take an initial catalog of only 2 tracks, build a relationship with a prominent music library, and generated over $20,000 in licenses just in the 4th quarter of 2018.  


The E-mail

In November of 2018 I received an e-mail from him that stated:

"Your e-mails and educational material have really opened my eyes about the different avenues that are available to make a living in music. I landed my first 5 figure license a couple of weeks ago, and have a couple more tracks that are in the runnings for great opportunities. I'm grateful for the info you've shared and I just wanted to say thanks!"


Imagine The Possibilities...

While these LIVE Q&A's are specifically reserved for those enrolled in the Master Music Licensing Course, I wanted to share his success story with you, so YOU can see what's TRULY possible when you follow a proven system like The Master Music Licensing Course!

Check out this video, and just imagine the possibilities and opportunities that are available for you and your music...

Do you have a music licensing success story?  Share it with us in the Comments Section Below:


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