Here's Why Owning Your Master Recordings is an ESSENTIAL Ingredient to Creating Long-Term, Passive Income

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The income that every Sync License generates is divided into two halves:

  1. 50% Allocated & Paid to the Publisher
  2. 50% Allocated & Paid to the Owner of the Master Recording

Assuming that you're going to hand over the administrative tasks to a library (thus making them your publisher), you still stand to earn a significant amount of income from the Master Recording.

In this video, we dissect two common licensing scenarios.  You'll see why it's financially beneficial to always make it a point to own your master recordings.


Music Production Primer...

Knowing the ins and outs of music production has been an essential skillset to my career.  Personally, I love being in full control of the recording process, and I'm a big advocate that musicians at least learn the basics of this skillset.

How has this information changed how you plan on approaching your music in the future?  Share with us in the Comments Section Below:


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