Here's Why Owning Your Master Recordings is an ESSENTIAL Ingredient to Creating Long-Term, Passive Income


The income that every Sync License generates is divided into two halves:

  1. 50% Allocated & Paid to the Publisher
  2. 50% Allocated & Paid to the Owner of the Master Recording

Assuming that you're going to hand over the administrative tasks to a library (thus making them your publisher), you still stand to earn a significant amount of income from the Master Recording.

In this video, we dissect two common licensing scenarios.  You'll see why it's financially beneficial to always make it a point to own your master recordings.

Music Production Primer...

Knowing the ins and outs of music production has been an essential skillset to my career.  Personally, I love being in full control of the recording process, and I'm a big advocate that musicians at least learn the basics of this skillset.

If you're new to music production and want a basic primer, click here to Quickly Learn How To Produce Your Own Music Using A Proven Step-By-Step System

How has this information changed how you plan on approaching your music in the future?  Share with us in the Comments Section Below:

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