The #1 Reason Artists & Musicians Can't Get Ahead in Their Career... and How to Avoid it!

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Why is it that some extremely talented musicians just stall in their career, while some musicians with mediocre talent, carve out solid careers?

It comes down to one thing... the pursuit of perfection.


Perfection.... Good or Bad?

So many creative individuals are perfectionists - unwilling to release their art until it's perfect.  But what happens is that this pursuit of perfection prevents them from releasing their music on a consistent basis.  Eventually, people forget about them and move on.  

The problem with perfection, is that it's impossible to achieve.  It's our own standard that we hold ourselves to, but it doesn't exist in the real world. 

What one person perceives as perfect, another does not.

Instead, the goal should be to always pursue excellence.


Don't Let This Stop You!

How many times have you read an article with an artist, and they mention how their record label made them put a particular song on their album?  But then it turns out that that is one of your favorite songs by them... maybe it's the reason you bought their album, or saw them live!  

That song didn't stand up to what they consider 'perfect' and therefor they didn't want to even put it on their album, yet that song has been so impactful in your life.  Think of what you would have missed out on had they not released it!

That's the reason why those artists, and especially independent artists, who are always pursing perfection, tend to fall off people's radar very quickly.

If you want to build your career, pursue excellence in everything you do... but stop wasting your time pursuing perfection - it will only hold you back.


What is one way you can stop pursuing perfection, and start pursuing excellence right now?  Share with us in the Comments Section below:


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