Yes, You Can Still Pitch Your Songs EVEN When You're Signed to an Exclusive Library!

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If you've ever wondered: "Can I still promote and pitch my songs if I'm signed to an Exclusive Representation Deal with a music library?"

The answer is: OF COURSE YOU CAN!

And guess what... You Should!! 

Don't make the mistake of just handing your music off to a library and expecting them to do the rest of the work for you.  While it's great to have a team working on your behalf, no one cares about your music more than you!

You SHOULD always be promoting your songs, and pitching them to music supervisors, WHEN you know your songs are right for the shows those supervisors are working on.

A library is essentially a publisher, and I'm a big advocate of working through a library simply because you have an entire team submitting your songs to every relevant brief or search.  I'm also a big fan of promoting your music directly to music supervisors and music editors.  That is key to building your business and your brand.  There is no shortcut there...

The business of licensing music can be complicated.  If you want to make pitching to supervisors your full-time job, then by all means, there's no need to work with a library/publisher. 

But, if you want to spend your days creating music and not sitting behind a spreadsheet or e-mail program, then it's ESSENTIAL you learn how to leverage BOTH Music Supervisors AND Music Libraries to generate Consistent TV and Film Placements.

In this video, it will become clear to you WHY you can and should ALWAYS pitch and promote your music, EVEN when you're signed to an exclusive music library.


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