5 ESSENTIALS to Remember When Recording Your Music for Sync Placements

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There are 5 elements of song production that every musician pursuing sync placement opportunities must keep in mind when RECORDING & MIXING their songs:

  1. Listen to the music already featured in TV Shows, Films, Commercials, Film Trailers, Video Games, etc.  Pay attention to:
    • Instrumentation
    • Mixes
    • Arrangements
    • Tempos
  2. Your Tracks Must Be "Broadcast Quality."
  3. In Tune Vocal Performances
    • Utilize Plugins Such As Autotune & Melodyne
  4. Tight Instrumental Performances
    • Utilize the DAW's Beat Editing Capabilities
    • Utilize a Plugin such as Vocalign to Tighten Vocal and BGV Performances
  5. No Profanity
    • Record a 'Clean' Version of the Song


Rest Assured...

You don't need to rely on the opinion of others regarding whether your music is ideal for sync placements. By applying these 5 Essentials to every track you write and record, then you can be assured that your music is ideal for sync placements.


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