Personal Consulting

The Key to Success is a Customized Plan. This Personal Consulting Program is your opportunity to create that plan through a private, one-on-one consultation with me. 

The concept of a Mastermind was first discussed by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, "Think and Grow Rich."  This is the concept that many people reference when they credit any one thing with helping them become immensely successful.

A Mastermind consists of two or more individuals who consistently work toward a specific goal, hold each other accountable, and tackle challenges together.

So what does a Mastermind have to do with Personal Consulting? Everything.

Working with a Personal Consultant effectively creates a Mastermind.  While you must always do the work and put your energy into becoming a success, a Mastermind can harness and maximize the energy and focus behind your success.  

In our 60 minute sessions, I will work directly with you to determine where you are in your career, what you want to accomplish, and together we will create a Strategic and Systematic game plan to get you there.

Through first-hand knowledge, tips, humor, and encouragement, working with me is an empowering, inspiring, informative and fun experience.  With a history of success working with clients around the world, my Personal Consulting will help you achieve things such as:


  • Significantly Increase Your Income.
  • Focus Your Efforts.
  • Consistently Obtain Licenses for TV and Film.
  • Become a Top Performer.
  • Build a DATABASE of Strategic Relationships and Alliances with Music Users. 
  • PROPERLY Research and Approach Music Users. 
  • Create a “One Stop Shop” for Your Catalog. 
  • Thorough Knowledge and Understanding of the Current TV/Film Sync Marketplace.
  • Initiate and Lay Out Your Next Steps Toward Achieving Your Life Goals.
  • Transform the Challenges of Today’s Music Marketplace into Opportunities.

Our sessions will take place via a Zoom Video Meeting.  After you check out, you will then be taken to an online calendar to schedule a convenient time for us to meet.

I'm looking forward to creating our own Mastermind, and helping you Achieve Your Dreams!


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