Stained Voodoo

With Stained Voodoo, I wanted to make an instrumental album that both musicians and non-musicians could enjoy.  Although there is definitely virtuosity in the performances, I wanted to focus on melody, song structure, and instrumentation, rather than just playing fast.

As a result, this record is stylistically rooted in rock and blues with songs like Crack Puppies, Tsunami, Stained and Satch being pretty heavy, while Voodoo and Chameleon bring out more of a blues flavor.  I also covered some funk on songs like King It Down and Needle In the Groove, and even went acoustic on Kayleigh’s Dream. ”
Rounding out the record is the track You Again.  While being one of the highlights of Stained Voodoo, it is also the album’s only vocal track. 

Regarding this song, I was in the studio tracking guitars for an artist I was producing.  As we were getting sounds, I happened to play a rather unique chord progression. The engineer looked up and said ‘If you don’t write a song with that progression, then I will.’  So, I went home and wrote You Again.  This song changed the course of my entire career when it was picked up as a featured song on CBS’s hit television show Cold Case. This was my first song placement, and with it, I realized the power of sync licensing in one’s career.

Still to this day it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written.  It showcases the pop songwriter side of me, and I feel that it gives the album a very personal touch.”

Strongly contributing to Stained Voodoo’s personal feel are the other featured musicians on the album.  Not only are they seasoned and successful musicians in their own right, they are also three of my closest friends. While this was a solo project, these guys definitely turned it into a group effort, and it was a great excuse to hang out and play some fun music with them.  Jeff Bowders, who played drums, has released multiple books through Hal Leonard Publishing and has played with Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Geoge Lynch, Richie Kotzen and John 5.  Bassist John Massey has played countless live gigs as well as sessions Los Angeles. Bryce Bell, who played B3, is a Grammy Award winning keyboard player. 

Already having won the Instrumental Album of the Year Award at the LA Music Awards, to the trained ear, Stained Voodoo is a showcase of musicianship that pays homage to the influences of Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, while the melodic focus and diversity appeals to the average listener, making Stained Voodoo a fulfilling listening experience.

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