Refund Policy

We strongly believe in these products, and want every customer to be fully satisfied. However, due to inevitable fraudulent activity, Master Music Licensing will only refund products in accordance with the following:

Master Music Licensing Course

 No-Risk, 14 Day Money Back Guarantee:

  • Member has viewed, and/or completed, a MAXIMUM of 14 course videos contained in Modules 1 & 2, within the 14 day window.
  • Refunds may take at least one week to process.

7 Day Sync-Ready Challenge

There are no refunds on the 7 Day Sync-Ready Challenge AFTER the challenge week begins.  If you can not be a part of the challenge during the challenge week, it's best not to sign up. After the challenge commences, all sales are final. No exceptions.

In this 7 Day Challenge you’ll also be meeting and connecting with many other like-minded musicians in the private Sync-Ready Community Group, as well as getting Daily Trainings. 

If you don’t implement the tools and systems within this program, or participate in the group, we cannot be held responsible for your lack of results. 

If you don’t plan on being present, making time, or putting forth the effort during the challenge week, then we suggest you don’t join.

Masterclass: How to Get Your Music on TV Shows, Films & Commercials

We do not offer refunds for this Masterclass - no exceptions. 

This masterclass is a sync-licensing primer, and is intended for those just starting their journey into sync. 

If you do not implement the systems and strategies covered in the masterclass, we can’t be held responsible for your lack of results.  Results take time and require you to consistently do the work. 

If you do not plan on putting forth effort, then we suggest you don’t join.