This Simple Song, with Only 2 Chords, has Already Generated Over $20,000 in Performance Royalties!

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Artists:  Michael Elsner & David Das

Location:  Nashville, TN & Los Angeles, CA

Track:  "Delve to the Deep"

One of the most common question musicians ask me is, "How much money can a song placement make?"

The reality is that the sky's the limit.  It could earn $10 or $10,000.  That's why the 4 step process that you will learn in the Master Music Licensing Course focuses entirely on generating consistent sync placements.

Over the last 6 royalty statements, my track Delve to the Deep, which was written with my co-writer David, has generated over $20,500 in performance royalties from a single placement on a TV show in the UK.

What makes this track a perfect case study in why it's essential that every independent musician add sync-licensing to their business model, is that this song is made up of only 2 chords.  In fact, this track took less than 2 hours to write and produce AND the production was done remotely, as both my co-writer and myself live in different states.

As you will see in this video, there were 3 royalty statements that came in during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The total passive income this song generated between March 20 and September 10, 2020 equals $8826.44. This includes the songwriter's share as well as the publisher's share.

Here's why this is important:  That's the income from only 1 simple 2 chord instrumental track in the midst of a global pandemic that shut down countries all around the world. 

When you start generating 10, 20, 50, and more placements of your own music, you can see how the quarterly performance royalties add up fast, and how this passive income stream removes any worry from your financial life... even when the rest of the world has to shut down. 


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