Here are a Few BIG Updates that You Need to be Aware Of...


In 2018 I started Master Music Licensing with a simple goal: 

To help independent musicians create a lucrative income, without signing their life away to a record label or publisher, by getting their music on TV Shows, Films and Commercials.

Over the last 2 years we've grown an amazing community of talented artists, songwriters, musicians and producers who are now making sync-licensing an integral aspect of their music business.

But as we start moving into 2021, there are a few IMPORTANT and EXCITING updates that you need to be aware of that will help you get your songs on TV!


Update #1: The Master Music Licensing Course

The Master Music Licensing Course is now available for enrollment 24/7!!

In keeping with the goal of serving independent musicians throughout the world, we've now worked it out to where you no longer have to wait for the open, public enrollments to roll themselves out every 4 to 5 months.  You can now join at any time!

This course is an investment, and I understand that the enrollment can be a financial stretch for some.  So for those musicians who are serious about licensing their songs, but are not yet in a position to jump into the full program, I've created the Essential Package for you.

See everything that you get in both programs by CLICKING HERE.

For those who've been waiting until the next open enrollment to jump into the Master Music Licensing Course, I want to give you an opportunity to enroll at the same price you're already familiar with.  So until Sunday, November 22nd, 2020, you can use the Coupon Code "IAMREADY" to receive an immediate $500 discount off the enrollment fee to the Master Music Licensing Course (Professional Package) when you select the single payment option.


Update #2: The Masterclass - "How to Get YOUR Music on TV Shows, Films & Commercials" 

If you're new to sync-licensing, or aren't yet ready to fully commit to the Master Music Licensing Course, this Masterclass is your opportunity to learn what goes into Successfully Getting Your Music on TV Shows, Films and Commercials at an entry level price.

As musicians, we’re passionate about getting our songs out into the world because, let’s be honest, they’re our babies!

So this 75 minute Masterclass is the perfect primer for every artist, songwriter, musician and producer who desires to make Sync-Licensing an integral aspect to their music career.


Update #3: The 7 Day Sync-Ready Challenge

Before you even start knocking on the doors of Music SupervisorsMusic Editors and Music LibrariesYou MUST be Sync-Ready!

While the Master Music Licensing Course is the full framework, from start to finish, of the complete sync-licensing process that will generate consistent placements for your music, in this Challenge you will be getting all of the foundational aspects of your song splits, master ownership, song registrations, royalty revenue streams, etc., in place.

We will be covering essentially everything you need to set up before you even start the process of licensing your music.

These are the issues that are often dealt with in nearly every personal consulting and one-on-one strategy session that I have with musicians.  Instead of constantly charging hundreds of dollars for these sessions, I've put everything into an extremely fun and rewarding 7 Day Sync-Ready Challenge.

Best of all, this challenge is only $47, so no matter where you're at in your career, this is easily accessible for you, and the results you will get from the first lesson alone are worth more than 10x's the enrollment fee.  

Which brings us to...


Update #4:  Personal Consultations are Ending

As of November 18th, 2020, the opportunity to have a Personal Consulting Session with me will be ending.

I have set aside November 17th & 18th to accommodate anyone who would like a strategy session with me, but please note that there are only 16 time slots available.

These sessions will be on a first come, first served basis.  After the 16 sessions have been filled, this offer will disappear.

Click here to schedule your Session.


Perfectly Position Yourself for Sync-Licensing Success

There's a lot here, and I've been really working hard to create programs that will meet you no matter where you're at on your musical journey.

  • Beginner = The Masterclass
  • Intermediate = 7 Day Sync-Ready Challenge & The Song Placement Workshop
  • Advanced = Master Music Licensing Course (Professional & Essential Packages)

You no longer have to wait until an enrollment opportunity opens up.  Each of these can be accessed by clicking the Sync-Programs tab at the top of this page.

This is the perfect time to start licensing your own music, and perfectly position your music to get heard by millions of people world-wide, and create a lucrative income through sync placements on TV Shows, Films and Commercials!


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