How To Keep Music Profitable...

Since the advent of Napster, the traditional music industry model has been forever changed with artists and songwriters feeling the negative financial effect of the expectation that music should now be free.  

Streaming (whether that be via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, etc.) has allowed consumers the freedom to listen to any song, at any time, and the simple reality is that there’s no going back to the traditional model.  However, the problem with this model is that it has not proven profitable for anyone… and the ones who ultimately lose out are the creators of the music that becomes the soundtrack to our lives. 

But that loss doesn't end there.  It creates a chain of loss that ultimately filters down to the listeners. 

Because the current music industry direction and model (streaming) doesn’t pay music creators fairly, labels have downsized both their roster of artists, and their budgets, which leads to fewer creators (full-time artists, producers, engineers, musicians, songwriters, etc) and lower quality content, making it a lose/lose situation for everyone.  

This is not a revelation of any sort.  It’s what the industry has been fighting against for the last dozen years as its waited for some young tech-minded kid to come along with a fix that will change the game.

Well my friends… that change has come.  

A New & Profitable Music Model

Let me introduce you to Crowd Music.

You may not have heard of it… yet.  And let me be clear about the word ‘yet.’  While it takes time for any new model to get off the ground, I believe this is the new streaming music model that will be the game-changer for the industry.

Why?  Because it's built around a business model that's profitable for both the artists AND the listeners.  It's a model built for longevity.

The "unlimited" streaming model for music is why we currently have a no-win situation. Crowd Music, however, is like a "digital storage locker" in that you can stream what you own.  

But here's where it gets interesting:  Because they record actual sales of each song (whether people choose to download them or stream them through the app), they pay the full mechanical royalty sales rates to all involved parties.  Because these are actual sales, the artists through Crowd Music will be charting along side the "big" label artists, and creating an impact/buzz in the music world, which of course leads to more sales/impact in the music world.

Listen. Like. Share. Get Paid.

This model is all about MUSIC CREATIVES uniting with MUSIC LOVERS who are creating a growing platform where music is valued and discovered. It is truly the first streaming model that pays artists and creators the standard mechanical royalties they're due.  But, even better, it also allows listener members to promote the music they love and share in the revenue - something no other service does.  This creates a win/win environment for everyone because it allows artists and creators to get paid fairly for their music, which leads to the creation of more great content.  

But, it takes a crowd to create a movement... and that's where you come in.  If you’re a listener, and already belong to a streaming service, or you’re an artist releasing your music to the masses, I want to encourage you to take a look around, watch the videos, and consider the benefits of joining Crowd Music.  After all, music has value, and it's up to us as creatives to get behind a business model that respects the value of the music we create.

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