How Your Music Tells Someone Else's Story

As artists, songwriters and producers, we spend a great deal of time building our music brand. Everything aspect of our business revolves around our branding. If you’re a Jazz singer, then everything about your branding relates back to jazz. If you’re a member of a rock band, then everything about your branding, and imaging, relates back to that band. The same is true with a singer/songwriter, pop artist, R&B artist, etc. 

However, every single one of us is a diverse creative individual, and sometimes we need to go outside the bounds of that brand. We NEED Creative Freedom.  We need to Experiment and Explore.  

Many artists get stuck or hold themselves back from this musical exploration because they feel they need to start a new band, build a new brand, or work under an alias… fearing that this diversity will confuse their fanbase.

And that’s where licensing comes in.

Create Freely…

One of the best things about music licensing is that you can write the music you want to write, and there’s always going to be an outlet for it.

Over the years, as I was playing in bands and pursuing the record deal, licensing was always the main outlet for the songs. In the mid 2000’s I started a band called Chasing Saints. We recorded 3 albums, played all the clubs in LA, and I always joke that we’re the most successful band you never heard of... but you have heard us!

We didn't land the record deal we were after, but we got placements like crazy. It was an interesting time because, while doors would be closed on one hand (the record label world), doors were swinging wide open with a welcome party (the licensing world) on the other! A short list of those placements include:

  • American Idol
  • All My Children
  • One Life To Live
  • NY Ink
  • Cold Case
  • Counting Cars
  • Lizard Lick Towing
  • The Real World

The Ideal Outlet

When you’re focused on a career as an artist, or with a band, you put all your effort, hopes and dreams on 10 or 12 songs. You spend all your energy writing and recording them. And then you spend another year or so diligently getting them out to the world via CD Sales, Streaming Services, Radio, etc. All with the hope that you not only make enough to pay back your investment of both time and money, but to actually make a profit as well.

I did the same, but after a while it became clear that licensing was the ideal outlet for my music. The licensing world allowed me to do whatever I wanted artistically. 

I could write with a country artist one day, and the next day I could work with a latin artist. The day after that, I could write with my band, and do what we wanted to… Then, when I’m not working with anyone else, I could write the instrumental music that I really enjoyed working on… and like every other piece, there would ALWAYS an outlet for it. Those songs would find a home, and I would earn consistent income through my efforts. What's not to love about this?

Your Music Deserves to be Heard!

You must remember that first and foremost, Your Music Has Value! It especially has value when it helps Tell Someone Else’s Story. It does this through placements in TV Shows, Films, Commercials, Video Games, Film & Video Game Trailers, Documentaries, etc. 

It doesn’t matter what style of music you write, there will always an outlet for it. Licensing your music gives you Permission, and the Freedom, to Grow, Expand, and Explore other avenues as an artist, in an industry that Values Your Work.

I want to challenge you to spend the next week creating freely and writing the music you're passionate about. Ignore every rule you've ever learned about songwriting, and write what moves you. Give yourself Permission to Experiment and Explore outside of your musical brand, and remember, Your Music Has Value!

What are some avenues that you want to explore artistically, and how can these help tell other people's stories?  Share with us in the Comments Section below:

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