Watch Us Write and Produce a Sync-Ready Track in Under 1 Hour


As you can see from this session, writing and recording professional sounding tracks, in the comfort of your own home, is a LOT of fun, AND creatively rewarding!

The best news... YOU can do this too!!

Produce Like A Boss...

But how often have you told yourself one of the following?

  • I'm a songwriter, NOT a tech nerd...
  • I don't want to buy, and learn to use, all the 'fancy gear'....
  • I don't have the skillset to record and produce my own songs...

If any of these statements sound familiar, and you want to be able to record your songs as effortlessly as we did in this video, then Kris Bradley's Training Series is for you! Best of all, it's not going to cost you anything :-)

Her goal is to help Remove the Fear and Overwhelm of Producing Your Own Music!

How? Because she's not your typical 'audio snob, engineer-brained' producer. She's an artist and songwriter, just like you, who simply got sick of handing control of her music (and her money!) over to other people.  

So if you're a songwriter who's been wanting to learn how to record you own music, but just haven't found anyone to break it down to it's simplest steps, then click here to sign up for Kris' FREE Training Series!

Perfect for You if...

This is perfect for you if any of your musical goals include:

  • Writing & placing your music in the exploding world of Film/TV
  • Pitching your songs to other artists and saving tons of money on demos
  • Demoing your songs before you pay to have them fully produced
  • Producing and releasing your own professional sounding music
  • Learning the basics of music production and feeling confident in studio sessions
  • Testing the market for your songs BEFORE spending any money on studio time!

Ultimately the biggest take away from this video, that I want for you, is to see the creative freedom we have as artists when we choose to create the music that we're passionate about creating, without having to rely on anyone else.

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