Knowing When it's Time to Pivot in Your Career

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Sometimes I feel like I lead two completely separate lives. 

To a large community of musicians who know me through Master Music Licensing, I'm seen as 'the sync licensing guy.'  But to my close friends, family, and those who I've worked with for many years, they see me as I see myself: a guitarist first and foremost

Before I even had my first sync placement, I'd been playing guitar on sessions for albums, TV shows and films. 

My first solo album, Stained Voodoo, won Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2006 LA Music Awards.  In fact, it was my work as a guitarist that ultimately opened up the doors to the sync licensing world.

So, when Mikey Meiers reached out and asked me to be on his Songwriting for Guitar Podcast, I jumped at it.  

An opportunity to talk all things guitar, with a fellow guitar nerd, is one that can't be turned down!

In this interview we discuss the path I took as a guitarist that led to licensing my music, and how to know when it's time to make a pivot in your life/career.

Here are a few highlights:

  • [6:06]  An injury at 20 made me think my guitar career was over, and led to attending a recording school.
  • [10:50]  The process of developing my own voice on the instrument began when I stopped studying other guitar players.
  • [13:45]  How the insecurity of always being the youngest guy in the room allowed me to be a sponge and study from those professionals who were more experienced than myself.
  • [19:05]  Recognizing when doors close and it’s time to pivot.
  • [33:35]  How one statement while speaking at a Producer’s Conference in 2009 ultimately inspired a career pivot into teaching online.

Check out the Episode:

Episode 25 of the Songwriting For Guitar Podcast

How do you know when it's time to pivot, and make a change in your own pursuits?  Share with us in the Comments Section below:


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