Player or Victim: Which Will You Choose To Be Right Now?


Player vs Victim Mentality...

This is a short video I shot for those in my Private Music Licensing Mastermind Group on what we can be doing right now, especially as the entertainment industry presses pause because of this coronavirus outbreak.

The reality is that we each have a choice.  We can be a Player or a Victim.  Which will you be?

Timing is Everything...

If you want to be a Player, then it starts by truly connecting with others on a very human level. Whether those people are your current fans, or, if you’re like me and in the licensing space, then connecting with the individuals who are are your end users in the TV and Film industries (Music Supervisors, Music Editors, Employees at Music Libraries)

This isn't the time to pitch your music! 

As people are quarantined at home, and out of work, they don’t need your songs, they need a true and heartfelt connection.

If there are people who you've been wanting to connect and work with, this very well may be the perfect time!  Timing is everything... start planting those seeds now!!

What are some others ways you've been connecting with people during this time?  Share with us in the Comments Section Below:

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