Don't Buy Any New Recording Gear Until You Watch This!


Even in the midst of this quarantine, many musicians are either putting together a new home studio setup, or upgrading their current rigs.

It turns out that March saw an astronomical increase in recording gear sales.  I recently talked to a few friends who work for large gear manufacturers, and they each said the same thing… the number recording gear purchases are up!

In this Special Gear Talk Q&A with Multi-Platinum Award Winning Engineer Dave Rieley about the best recording gear at budget prices.  

After having sold over 15,000,000 albums with artists such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Skillet, Kelly Clarkson, Macy Gray, and Elvis Costello, Dave ran the Nashville branch of Vintage King Audio.  This led to his current role as the North American Sales Manager for Focusrite Pro.

So whether you're new to home recording and working on a tight budget, or a seasoned professional, this session will help you get clarity on the best options for your home recording setup.

Check out these highlights:

  • [8:00] Vocal Mic Favorites.
  • [16:40] Why every piece of gear, regardless of the price, has its place.
  • [25:50] Favorite Interfaces from budget to pro level.
  • [33:35] Setting up your home studio for mixing (sound panels & speakers).
  • [43:35] Why You Must Understand How Your Monitors Interact with Your Room.
  • [46:45] Top 3 Favorite Plug-ins.
  • [50:45] Open Q&A with Attendees.

Links mentioned in this episode:

What was your biggest takeaway from this session, and what are your favorite pieces of recording gear that you have in your home studio?  Share with us in the Comments Section Below:

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