Imagine Success...

If you want to live your dream, but are unhappy with the current state of your career, it’s not enough to just say:

  • “I wish I was mixing #1 hit songs.”  
  • “I wish I could write music every day.”
  • “I was hoping I’d be further along in my career by now.” 
  • “I just haven’t had any doors open for me…”  

You must get clear on exactly where you want to be. Start by writing out your goals. Be very specific on what you want to achieve, or where you want to be in your career, and write it out.  

Then, list all the reasons you can think of for why you’re not there (yet). Ask yourself, “What are the obstacles that I need to overcome?” Once you are clear about what may be standing in your way, only then can you start to formulate a plan to overcome those obstacles and reach your goals.

Start with Why

The very first step in this plan is to determine your true motivation. What fuels this desire within you to succeed in this industry? Is it financial? Is it ego-driven? Is it goal-driven?  

This is your motivation - it's your "Why" - and understanding your motivation plays one of the largest roles in your ability to succeed. Your motivators determine the route you take to achieve success in this industry. When you truly know why you want to accomplish certain goals, the path to attaining them becomes much clearer. 

If you’re motivated by the idea of touring the world and playing for thousands of people every night, your career path will be much different than someone who wants to produce records for artists, which is much different from someone who wants to work at a record label, etc…

If fame and travel isn’t your goal, and you want to make a great living just creating music every day, then the ideal path for you may be to build a home studio and write music for television and film placements.

A Word of Caution

With any career in the creative arts, your motivator should never be strictly financial.  It’s a given that everyone wants to make a comfortable living doing what they love, but money is a bad motivator for creativity. Musicians who are solely motivated by money don’t create trends - they chase them. Music makes an impact when it’s created with passion, and it’s hard to create with passion when all you’re thinking about is money.

Creating The Path

Once you know what your goal is, and why you want to accomplish that goal, then work backwards to create the path to get there.  

Study the lives of others who’ve already achieved that goal. What obstacles did they face, that you may be facing, and how did they overcome them? Was it a specific education they received that you didn’t? Did they happen to know someone who opened doors for them?  

You can take each of these obstacles and create a path around them that will lead to your success.  

For example, let’s say someone had an ‘in’ that you didn’t have. What’s stopping you from reaching out to that someone, and asking them to mentor you? Everyone is virtually accessible through social media, so what’s stopping you from reaching out and asking for advice or direction?  

If you didn’t get the education that someone else had, and that education allowed them to reach their goal, what’s stopping you from spending your evenings taking an online course, or watching training videos on YouTube?  

There are ways around every obstacle.

Your Motivation

It’s easy to lose sight of the reason why you are on the path you’re currently on. Your motivators will give you the reasons to get off the path you’re currently on, and onto the path that will lead you to your long-term goals.  

If your motivation for getting into the music industry is simply to make a lot of money, then unfortunately you’re in the wrong business. Granted, many people have incredible success in this industry, but that success has come as a result of pure motivators such as being creative, wanting to write songs that make an impact and connect with people.  

Others find motivation in the fact that they can travel the world and play music for people from so many different cultures. Another motivator might be to earn a living doing something you love and the happiness, joy, and fulfillment that comes from dreaming big and realizing those dreams. The list of motivators is as endless and unique as the stars in the sky.  

So, what’s your motivation? Share it with us in the Comments Section Below...

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