How to Avoid Setting the Goals that Set You Up to Fail

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It's essential to set goals.  But setting goals, without implementing systems and processes to achieve those goals, could ultimately set you up to fail...


SMART Goals are Not Enough!

A very popular process for goal setting uses the SMART acronym:

  • Specific - What must be done? 
  • Measurable - How will it be evaluated?
  • Achievable - Is it a realistic goal? 
  • Relevant - What impact will this have?
  • Time-bound - When will it be done?


3 Levels of Goal Setting...

Another way to look at goals is on a 3 level heirarchy:

  • Universal Goals - long-term goals (quarterly / yearly)
  • Macro Goals - mid-term goals that combine to accomplish our universal goals.
  • Micro Goals - short-term goals that combine to accomplish our macro goals.

While looking at goals in these terms is extremely powerful, the one element that is often left out of the discussion is that we must also implement systems to achieve these goals.


Avoid Failure by Implementing Systems...

As musicians, most of us naturally did this when we started learning how to play an instrument.  

We either took lessons from a teacher (an expert), OR we bought a method book (written by an expert) and started at the beginning.  Regardless of which path you followed, you were implementing a system to learn the instrument. 

This allowed us to see results rather quickly, which prevented us from giving up (ie: failing to learn the instrument).

No matter the goals you set for yourself, you must approach them in this same way. 

To avoid failure, always seek out the proven systems and processes - the experts and mentors - that lead to accomplishing your goals!


What systems and processes have you implemented to achieve milestones in your own life and career?  Share with us in the Comments Section below:


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