The Power Of Virtual Instruments


We truly live in an exciting time when it comes to music production. Virtual Instruments have made producing high quality music easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Everything from Drums to Orchestras are often programmed via midi, and played back through a Virtual Instrument. They sound so natural that it's become nearly impossible to determine if what we're listening to is real or virtual.

Guitars, however, have consistently been one of the toughest instruments to accurately recreate through this medium. They're so expressive, with subtleties such as each individual string's harmonic overtones, vibrato, and dynamics being nearly impossible to replicate. That's not even taking into account the nearly limitless combinations of guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals that allow guitarists to customize their tones.


After having played on numerous Films myself, as well as my experience composing for TV shows, I've become innately familiar with creating guitar soundscapes that work.

In collaboration with VIR2 Instruments, we realized there was a need for a Cinematic Guitars Virtual Instrument what would give composers the ability to create amazing and unique soundscapes.

Which makes me so excited to have been a part of creating a virtual instrument tailored specifically for TV and Film Composers.

Apollo: Cinematic Guitars is a revolutionary guitar-based sound design instrument that was created for all genres of music production.

When initially asked to be a part of this process, I knew we could bring a lot of value to modern composers through real guitar samples, real strums, and real sounds - made straight from the best guitars, the best effects pedals, the best amps, and the best signal flow available.

If you're looking to broaden your pallet of sounds, Apollo: Cinematic Guitars will give you exactly what you need for your next composition.

Apollo provides five unprecedented categories which will generate endless opportunities for creativity. These categories are: Ambient DesignerSwellsPadsPhrase Builder, and Instruments


The Ambient Designer category delivers an experimental approach to sound design by engineering various tonal and non tonal sounds to create custom guitar-based atmospheres. Sounds include the utilization of various noises and sounds made solely with the guitar. Sounds included are guitar plucks, phrases, violin bow on strings, fingers sliding on strings, white noise, amp buzz, and much more. Each of these sounds can be combined, mixed, and panned to create the perfect atmosphere for compositions across all genres.


The Swells category is a vast collection of sounds giving you the option to trigger strums of both high and low iterations of major and minor chords for each sound. Individual notes were also sampled per sound in order to give you the ability to create your own voicings.


The Pads category puts sound design into your own hands. Apollo features the ability to load and mix two unique sounds, allowing for the creation of thousands of unique guitar based pads.


The Phrase Builder is one of the coolest elements to this virtual instrument. It places common phrase options at your fingertips. These types of simple phrases underscore much of what is used for film and television. We worked very hard to create an unparalleled approach for combining these phrases in such a way that you can effectively build your own performance.


The Instruments category is an asset which allows you to create simple performances on the fly with various instruments. The instruments included are acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar harmonics, electric guitar harmonics, electric bass, electric guitar, and sitar.


Even though I created, and sampled, many of the guitars that are a part of this instrument, I've found that I'm often using the instrument when writing and composing rather than taking the time to set up my guitar's signal path. The sonic options are virtually limitless, and incredibly inspiring.  

** NOTE ** In the Demo Video above, all the sounds, except drums and percussion, are Apollo.

What are some of your favorite Virtual Instruments?  Let us know in the Comments Section below.

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