Q&A with 7-Time Grammy Winning Mix Engineer John Jaszcz


One myth that comes up often is the belief that in order to have high quality recordings and mixes, you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars, or must have access to a million dollar recording studio.  

I often host LIVE Q&A Sessions that are only available to those enrolled in the Master Music Licensing Course, but getting great sounding recordings is paramount for every single musician, that I wanted to share this with every single one of you.

I recently hosted a LIVE Q&A with 7-Time Grammy Winning Mix Engineer John Jaszcz, and we had a fantastic attendance, with lots of great questions being asked.  John is proof that you don’t need access to a million dollar studio to create great mixes!  

We shot this in John’s home studio, where he does the majority of his work utilizing:

  • An iMac
  • An Apollo Interface
  • Some Specific Plug-ins
  • The Discipline to Keep Tweaking Until it’s Right…

You won't see a million dollar console or racks of gear… He works 100% "inside the box," with the same setup the majority of musicians either have themselves, or have easy access to.

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What was YOUR biggest take-away from this interview?  Share with us in the comments section below:

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